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have been killed. president obama has spoken to leaders in israel and egypt. most notable early hamas military chief. >> we will be following it throughout the day. following weather as well as the traffic. a look at your wet forecast throughout the day. for 38 years. we continue to follow a developing story where a woman leaves the chp on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash. the woman was driving west bound across the bay bridge the upper deck heading into san francisco and sped through a construction zone. police began to chase her and she later slammed into a parked car the impact powerful enough to send a parked car and a cyclist. the victim is a ticket to the hospital. it is a clear how bad the interests of that person mark. i am pretty sure this righ not sure this the right field. police say it looks like alcohol played a part in all of this. we have the crew on the scene we will bring you updates as more information continues to come in. we will let you know when we find out more. meanwhile we are following a story out of san francisco. a two of the house fire least two pe
israel and hamas is holding up. it's been two days since a cease- fire to end eight days of violence in the region. but can this temporarily they'll url in fighting lead to a less peace agreement? >> our main goal distend this so our people will be able to establish their three palestinian states over the entire palestinian. >> this group is considered to be a terrorist group and they have not recognized-- obama is a demonstration has calls for a true spirit they want them to live peacefully side by side. israel states said they will not be able to compromise. hamas does not want to negotiate with is a repair iwith is a row. >previous fighting has started with the fighting started bad. >> mexico's president wants to remove its affiliation with the u.s. at least on paper. president philippa pay cowed boren held a news conference proposed a name change from esperanto's you doze off mexicanos which means the united mexican states. the name was adopted in 1824 after independence from spain. but it's rarely used accept on offical documents, money and other government to material. however,
. and hamas is claiming responsibility a fragile ceasefire but it is holding for now. this is a similar situation here. and with hamas firing the rockets into israel. at that point t conducted a ground invasion. and right now the cease fire is -- the ceasefire is holding. >> well the latest now out of syria where the planes have bombed a building next to a hospital killing 15 people. that hospital is one of the last remaining sources of medical help for civilians. and it is run by volunteer staff who oppose the regime. the rebels seized a base in the east side of the country. >>> back here in the bay area. we're following the weather here on this thanksgiving thursday. look how clear the skies are. and that's really a large reason why we're seeing the temperatures. none of the heat was trapped in. and it is chilly. and stay there until dinner if you are headed outside expect the cool temperatures. dress in layers. 30s and mid40s out the door and oakland a cold start at 44 degrees. and one of the milder spots. check you out at 50 out the door. now the future cast. high rights later. we'r
ground invasion, thus hamas militants responded. >> pg&e says that the p-g-and-e says the source 14-people in san francisco at around seven o'clock last night, san francisco carbon monoxide alarm going off at a home on the 12- firefighters say the people inside complained of headaches and sore throats. hazmat crews were called in and scanned the home with carbon monoxide detectors... but they so far have been unable to find the source of the problem. p-g-and-e, along with if the department of public health were called in to help investigate the source of the odor. the >> id has been deadly- -- it has been a deadly holiday weekend on the roads. there have been more fatal accidents and fewer this thanksgiving.. compared to last. the chp released preliminary thanksgiving chp says there have been statewide this year...that year. he says in five of the victims were from the bay area. >> we do not know why those fatalities are up about 13 is because people not wearing their seat belts. and two of them involve a motorcycle collisions. >> 224 people have been arrested for dui in the b
. after eight days of rocket attacks. game and hamas have agreed to a ceasefire. leaders helped broker the deal. here you see the secretary standing with egypt's president. whether it will end still remains to be scene. hamas has fired five times since it started. we have reaction from a demonstration. >> reporter: the about the kill palestinians. >> it has been going on for a while. they have been bombed to a ten times worse than it has been. it has been a struggle for them out there. we're protesting against that. >> reporter: they say the genocide is out of control. they believe the occupation is illegal. >> it is motivated by profit and consumes the lives of palestinians. i just got back there six months ago, it is terrible. >> reporter: and officers patrolled with the sea of protesters who hope their voices will be heard. >> maybe obama will do something about it, but we're not going to -- there will not be peace until we get peace for them. >>> we'll be following the situation out in the middle east and report any changes throughout the day. in the meantime let's go outside. we
aviv israel. the blast comes amid an ongoing israeli operation against cause of a mosque rulers.hamas rulers. wetr across the bay area this morning looking live at the bay bridge it is busy on the busiest travel day as a year. best tackle the forecast in just a bit pitiful look at the forecast. >> if you are watching wall street the dow up 26 points. 12,00814 and early we search. we had the unemployment numbers come out to day. they're kind of false because of the hurricane. weekly u.s. employment benefits applications fall to 410,000. superstar said it distorts figures. we will see employment improve next year fiscal cannot and all back into 2013. i like where we are. my advice that-we had this big dips as that of freaking out many think is an opportunity to buy stock. >> john deere had their profits come out this morning. i am not man enough to get out a john deere tractor but i dream of it. the largest agriculture accord maker. about 3.2 billion again we know you are up and down 5%. long term nothing will undermine this company. the man's will rise as much as 10% in south america.
and gaza care that is for people and injured 42. the hamas a militant group which will see strike says that- killed three members of the radical islamic jihad group. >> the san jose police officers' association is offering a $10,000 reward for information on the second suspect involved in crime spree. the suspect accomplice johnston will banks is behind bars this morning in connection with a murdered during a carjacking. a series of robberies and a shootout with police that happen on friday. police said the 26 year old was one of two men in a car that an officer spotted friday night connected to the robberies. it led to a police chase where the officer was shot twice. the officer expected to be ok a second suspect is still a large. >> please identify the victim of the fatal shooting in menlo park saturday night as 42 year old carry cudlip of north. police say a cut lip was fatally shot while still sitting in his vehicle on the 300 block of i drive. witnesses reported hearing gunshots and sing to people fleeing from the area. the investigation is ongoing. >> kron 4 jackie sissel is at best b
services of an explosion. across from the military headquarters in tel aviv it is will leave that hamas is responsible. at least 10 people were injured. this bareilly operation against got some moss rulers tried to stop palestinian fired into israel. president clinton--secretary of state clinton has arrived in cairo. clinton will meet with agents president to piece together a deal to end the week-long violence. the violence has killed 130 palestinians. rockets fired into israel has killed five >> of a mature is ever covered body of a man who fell into a quarry pond last night. authorities found the body of earlier this morning in what they are describing as a body of water is run by steep cliffs. the victim's reportedly fell into the corner behind the rock ridge shopping center last night. the victim's name has not been yet released. >> and live look at the golden gate bridge were looking at temperatures at the golden gate bridge. the tipster is getting into the 60s for this afternoon. the range of start to clear out by this morning. the temperatures are getting into the '60s for this a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8